A Quick and Easy Refresh to a Humble Pop Up Camper

A Quick and Easy Refresh on a Humble Pop Up Camper

By now, you have learned that just about anything can be invigorated with a fresh coat of paint and a little styling.  That logic also goes for the humble pop up camper.

I’m not sure who thought the inside of a Pop Up camper needed to be so brown – maybe they thought that since we are out ‘In Nature”, we want the full affect of nature on the inside too.  Well, I lived with my Nature Inspired little camper for just as long as I could – it was time to brighten her up a bit.

Pop Up Camper

I had to compromise with Chuck and convince him I wouldn’t turn her into a total She Shed, but that I was going to bring in some color and a little style.  The first thing that had to go was the awful brown camper-grade valance that was hung all around the inside perimeter of the camper.  So, that came down and it already looked lighter.  The next thing that needed to change were all the brown cabinets – they were everywhere!

I used furniture paint from Black Dog Salvage to bring in some color.  Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is perfect because it’s water-based, low VOC, and has a great matte finish – with no prep needed but a little wipe down.  Their Roanoke Rain is a beautiful soft blue, but I wanted it a little muted, so I blended in some of their Clean Canvas White for just the right tone.  A couple coats of their Top Coat for durability and it was finished.

Refresh to Pop Up Camper

I finished off by installing some crystal drawer/cabinet pulls, adding new curtains to the sleeping area and new bedding and pillows.  I think this is a good start to making a once dull and brown camper feel bright and airy.

Quick and Easy Refresh
Humble Pop Up Camper

Our next phase will be to change out the ugly linoleum flooring with Vinyl Wood Planks and attempt some reupholstering.


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