Kitchen Trends for 2022

Kitchen Trends beautifully designed kitchen

Kitchen trends for 2022 are becoming more streamlined and technology driven.

The kitchens are becoming more minimalistic in style and less over the top in design.  Kitchen designs in 2022 will not focus on elaborate décor as much as they will the function and technology of the kitchen.   The kitchen is becoming highly recognized as the hub of the house – where people gather, socialize, and relax.  You won’t see any crazy artwork or mill work in these modern, tech-driven kitchen designs, as they will be too focused on functionality.

Young home buyers are looking for a space that allows for entertaining, but functions for family life.  They want a space that is open to entertain and a provides a good site-line of the kids while playing.   These two functions can certainly be established in one common area and that is what young families are looking for.

The world of technology is making its way into our kitchens.  We want smart refrigerators, fast microwaves, high tech Air Fryers and state of the art Sous Vide machines. We want smart coffee makers that not only makes a great cup of coffee but can whip up a cappuccino in no time for the busy work-at-home family.

The lower-level home bar that used to be a popular gathering spot is now making its way back up to the main floor.  It seems that no matter how elegant the lower-level bar area is, people still insist on gathering around the kitchen area.  So, now designs are embracing that desire by incorporating bar and lounge area off the kitchen.  Now hosts can socialize with their guests while prepping and cooking are taking place.

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