• Debbie Zimmer

Decide How You Will Really Use A Space (and the things in it)

Updated: Jun 12

When designing a space, whether a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even a laundry, make sure you are honest with yourself in how you will use it – really use it. Many people start out with a pretty design first and push functionality to the side. Then you are stuck with a pretty room that you really can’t use to its fullest ability.

Do you just sit on your couch occasionally or do you like to sprawl out, take naps and binge watch movies on weekends? Don’t buy a couch that is only good for the occasional ‘sit’ if you actually like to take naps and watch t.v.. Do you have pets that like to join you on the couch? If you do, don’t get something that can’t hold up to your pet’s jumping and occasional dirty paws. Places like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms require much more thought regarding functionality than say a living room or dining room. These rooms require picking up, laying down, turning on, turning off and the occasional spill. If you love to cook, but you’re not the best at putting things away in an orderly fashion – go with that style. Create more of a ‘working chef’s kitchen’ design of organized chaos and make it seem intentional. If you don’t like to cook, then don’t pretend you do – invest in a good microwave and make it the star of the room.

very important things to consider when designing and styling a room. Once you are honest about what you really need, you can design around it and make it pretty.