• Debbie Zimmer

My Life and Design Philosophy

Buy what you Love and Do what makes you Happy.

Don’t settle; Don’t skimp. If you see something you love and it will make you happy, buy it. The same goes for buying something for the sake of ‘filling a space’ or because ‘it’s on sale’ – don’t do it. Wait until you go somewhere special and you see the one item that you know will make you and your space happy for years to come – even if it costs more than you want. The love will override the cost in the long run.

Create special moments.

Create special moments in everyday activities. Instead of just doing something the usual way or a normal way, kick it up and do it differently and with meaning. Instead of plopping down to read your latest magazine, look around for a cozy spot that you can relax with a cup of tea and enjoy it more. The home should be designed to have different nooks and seating areas for sitting and relaxing so that you have something different to look forward to each time. My response when asked “why are you doing that?” is “Because it makes me happy”.

Your home should tell your story. Who you are; what you like; how you relax.