• Debbie Zimmer

Wallpaper - You Either Love It or Hate It

About 17 years ago as I was up on a ladder squirting liquid from a spray bottle and tearing small pieces of wallpaper off my bathroom wall, I swore off wallpaper forever. Fast forward to today – well, I’ve changed my ways. Not because of any one reason, but for several. Of course, It has made a comeback with more vibrant and better visual patterns and has proven to create a nice textured layer to any room. I think the wallpaper gods heard all of us swear off from years ago because they have developed better adhesive that is easier to remove. The other wonderful thing that has come out is the option of peel and stick wallpaper. Before you cringe, this is not the old contact paper type from the old days, this is truly a great thing. If you buy quality peel and stick wallpaper, you can put it up one year and take it down with one swoop the next. There are also some beautiful patterns available for peel and stick, so you don’t have to settle on just a couple.

Wallpaper allows you to create a bold focal point on just one wall or a dramatic statement in an entire room. Wallpaper is also making an appearance in unusual areas like, coat and linen closets, bookcase backs, stairway risers and the ever so boring toilet rooms. This is where the peel and stick come in handy – try it and if you don’t like it – tear it off.

So, if you’re looking to jazz up a room, give your old friend a second chance.