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The Bathroom

As we continue the journey of creating a coordinated, and organized home, I want to talk about the bathroom.  To me, the bathroom represents a clean – no germ area. It is also another room that is considered a ‘working’ area, so I try to keep it as simplistic as possible.  I am not a fan of cleaning bathrooms, so to keep from having to do major cleaning activities often, I try to maintain it so I don’t have to hold one big bathroom cleaning party. Keeping it wiped down and tidy allows my brain to stay calm and my sanity in check.

The Coordinated Home - Bathroom

Keeping the Bathroom Clean

I just don’t like the task of cleaning the bathroom.  It’s not that I don’t like to clean it necessarily, it’s the time it takes – I could be doing something so much more productive.  So, it’s important to me that I keep it somewhat clean and wiped down on an ongoing basis.  

Under the bathroom sink, I keep a few items – a roll of paper towels, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and sink and shower cleaner.  After I wash my face or brush my teeth, I use a paper towel to wipe up all the water that has made its way onto the countertop.  

Besides just wiping up all the water mess I made, I take this opportunity to wipe down the entire vanity top and faucets.  But the paper towel isn’t quite done yet. Now that it’s nice and wet, I use it to wipe down the back of the toilet seat area where dust and grime collect and I wipe around the top of the toilet tank – then toss it away.  

I will alter my used paper towel usage – sometimes I wipe down the toilet tank, other times I’ll wipe down the base of the toilet (I put the paper towel to work where ever I can).

Each time I go into the bathroom, I do some wipe down or cleaning.  I’ll grab a paper towel and glass cleaner and clean the mirrors one time, then another time I’ll wipe down the base boards and cabinets.  

I will also squeeze toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and spray cleaner in the shower before I leave for the day.  When I return home, I rinse them and I’m done!  These habits don’t completely replace the need for a full-on bathroom cleaning, but it sure does help keep it feeling clean.  Besides, you never know when unexpected guests may stop by and have to use the restroom!

The Coordinated Home - Bathroom Towels


Just like in the kitchen, it helps the brain to keep things simple in the bathroom – this includes the towels.  Why do people feel the need to have 10-12 bath towels at one time?  A bathroom that is shared by two people, only needs 4-6 bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels.  And just like your kitchen towels, buy your bath towels all at the same time, keep them the same color and replace them each year.   

The Coordinated Home - Bathroom Makeup

The Dreaded Makeup Collection

Statistics show that the beauty industry brings in over 55 Billion dollars a year and that a woman, on average, will spend $55,000 on makeup in her lifetime.  

Women buy makeup and most of what they buy doesn’t get used.  For years, I had large makeup case shoved full of all kinds of different shades of eye shadow, lipstick, blushes, etc.  The thing is – I only wore one-third of what I had.  

I finally realized that I enjoy certain shades of eye shadow and there is really no reason to have different shades of blush.  Even though I had several shades of lipstick for all kinds of occasions, I kept going back to the one shade that I liked – not matter what time of day or the event.  So, I gave in and got rid of everything except those few colors that I most often wear.  It’s amazing how organized I can keep my makeup now.  

If you are a makeup wearing kind of person, I would suggest having a soul-searching talk with yourself and be honest about what really makes you comfortable and happy.  Get your makeup inventory slimmed down and stay the course with your selection – don’t let the ads on tv bully you into thinking you need something you probably won’t use.  

Just like the spices, organize your makeup so that you can visually see it – your brain will thank you.  I like the plexiglass makeup trays where you can lay everything out in its own compartment.  Keep this handy under the sink so that you can pull it out and put it on the counter when it’s time to do your makeup. And, for the sake of everyone – don’t leave all of your makeup out on top of the counter.

The Coordinated Home - Bathroom Hair Brush

Hairbrushes, Combs, Clips, Etc.

Since my brain likes things compartmentalized, I try to keep as many of the little things I use each day in container trays.  I also try to place them in an area that makes sense according to their use.  

I used to keep my Q-tips up in the linen cabinet in a box.  I use them every day, so they should be housed in a place easily accessible.  This is also true for the floss sticks – why would I want to take two steps, open a cabinet and reach in to get a floss stick?  It’s on the same level as looking for a lid to the food containers – it’s just not worth it.  So, I consider these things as daily essentials, and I keep them close by and visually apparent.

The items that live in the bathroom but are not part of a daily routine should be placed out of the way.  People get colds, but not every day and not very often, so cold medicines should be kept together, but out of the way of daily necessities. And it’s not necessary that they live in the bathroom – who made up the rule that cold medicine had to live in the bathroom? 

For example, we keep our ‘medical’ box of bandages and ointments in a bedroom closet.  This is where I have more room, and I and everyone in the household knows where it lives.  That’s really the most important thing.  As long as people of the household know where things live, then it doesn’t really matter where they are stored.

Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps and Lotions - Oh My!

This is another area where advertising gets the best of us.  How many times do we go out and buy a new shampoo or a new lotion because of an ad we saw – only to have it sit in a cabinet taking up room.   You know what you like, so why not just stick with those items and free up space.

The Coordinated Home - Bathroom
The Coordinated Home - Bathroom wall art

In Closing…..

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house and it’s also the room most often used by guests.  Think about it – what other room in your house is used by one person at a time, where they are given a full visual opportunity.  Keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to create a sanctuary where people enjoy spending time.  Hang up good art pieces, keep live plants, and allow the room to shine.  Your soul and your guests will thank you.


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