The Coordinated Home – The Living Room

The Coordinated Home - The Living Room

Nothing says “sit down and stay a while” like a cozy and comfortable living/family room.  When I think of an inviting living room, I think of throw blankets, pillows, books and magazines. These things help create a warm and comfortable area, but if not done correctly, could quickly create a cluttered mess. But, done correctly and intentional, they create a relaxing and comfortable space for you and your guests.

Throw Blankets

I like to keep plenty of throw blankets in my living room so that guests have options if they get chilly.  Keeping them lying around all over is probably not the best option, so I like to keep baskets around the room with plenty of throws inside. The baskets are not only functional for housing the throws, but they are also decorative and add a natural element to the decor.  I do like to keep one throw hung over the couch when friends come over, so that they feel comfortable knowing one is close at hand.  I ensure the throw matches my décor and helps create a cohesive design.

The Coordinated Home - Living Room

Small Knick Knacks

noun: knick-knack
a small worthless object, especially a household ornament.

Ahh… the knick-knacks… either love them or hate them.  I am personally not a fan of knick-knacks, but if you have them and they are displayed properly, they can make a big statement. 

Some people think by positioning small items individually and apart from other things, they will stand out better.  That’s not true – in fact, they don’t make enough of a presence to attract the eye.  

Creating groupings of smaller objects creates a larger impact.  This is true for many reasons.  First, the eye is drawn to larger, grouped items that are positioned in such a way that is pleasant.  

So, if you want to showcase your favorite knick-knacks, try arranging them together in clusters so they attract the eye.  Now, this doesn’t mean just throw a bunch of small items together and call it a day.  You need to be strategic in the placement and the scale of the cluster.  Ensure you have different depths and heights within a cluster.  If the items are all the same size and height, try placing some on top of a pile of books to create vertical height and a visual platform.  Play around with them until you have the look you want – this will also give you the opportunity to dust those little suckers 😊

The Coordinated Home - TheThe Living Room

Magazines and Books

Everyone loves a good magazine, and most people have several always lying around. I happen to have an exceptionally large inventory of magazines (yes, I read all of them).   

If you have magazines, why not share them with your guests and give them the opportunity to flip through a few as they are waiting on you to make their drink?  It’s fun to display your favorite magazines and books for guests to flip through if they want, but just leaving them lying around isn’t always the best idea for a tidy living room.  

Put your magazines in decorative baskets on or under your coffee table or on a shelf where they are easily accessible. Display your favorite books in a way that is inviting if someone wants to peek inside them.  Even placing a large decorative tray on your coffee table to hold magazines, books and all those remote controls can create a decorative and functional center piece.  

In Closing

A lot of activities happen in the Living/Family Room – tv watching, reading, game playing – game watching, cuddling, and eating and drinking.  All these activities can and should happen, but with a little strategic function design, you can create an inviting space and still have a sense of style.   When someone comes to my house, I say “grab a magazine and a blanket and make yourself at home”.  Isn’t that what ‘home’ is all about.

I hope you enjoyed this series of the Coordinated Home and I hope you came away with some small steps to take to help your brain relax and to create a sense of calm.   Now, go into your organized kitchen and make yourself a drink and curl up with a blanket and a magazine!


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