Your Home Should Tell Your Story

Your Home Should Tell Your Story

I don’t know about you, but I have several different stories.  Before I got into Interior Design, I thought I had a style that was unwavering – clean, simple and timeless.

That was, apparently, the easy way out and very boring. Since I’ve been studying design and different textiles, colors, shapes and textures, I’ve realized that my old way needed a facelift.  There are so many different layers and colors out there that I feel I’ve been missing all along.

But, the one thing I don’t waver on is that your home should tell your story.  This is the idea of Interior Designer Grace Mitchell of HGTV’s ‘One of a Kind’ where she personalizes rooms with unexpected and personalized designs that tells each homeowner’s unique story. Not everyone needs to go to those lengths, but a representation of who you are should be represented in your home. 

There is something to be said for minimal, clean-line designs that bring a sense of calm.  But, I would be lying if I said that a bright, colorful design décor didn’t wake up the senses and make you smile. Both these styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum and they must be executed with excellence, otherwise they are just boring rooms or over-colorful rooms.

Of course, there are the in-between and middle-of-the-road designs and that is fine also. But, you should bring something to the table – something about you.  If you love to read, you can create a design, whether minimal or colorful, that tells your guests that you are a book worm. If you are a gardener, show that in your interior design.

Either way, create your space for who you are and what you love.


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