About BTH Designs

BTH Designs is a boutique Interior Design Firm offering both full-service interior design and furnishings and décor styling. Our full-service interior design and project management services provide a luxury concierge service to busy professionals and specializes in exceptional designs for both new construction and older homes. Whether doing a full renovation project or just décor & furnishings, we are committed to achieving individualized results that resonates with our clients.

BTH Designs brings to life the visual stories of a home with signature surroundings, classic designs and the client’s passions that highlight their diverse expressions. All our designs are thoughtfully created for our clients so they can be both visually breathtaking, and still be perfectly livable.

Meet Debbie

Designer, Debbie Zimmer, seeks out unique architecture and interiors for colors, styles, textures, and patterns that help influence her designs.

Debbie began her design business after several years of rehabbing and designing her and her husband’s own investment properties. After realizing her passion and being recognized by friends, family, and local media, she began her studies at The New York Institute of Art & Design.

Before pursuing her passion for Interior Design, Debbie had a significant 25-year career in Corporate America where she oversaw projects with multi-million-dollar budgets, wrote business processes, managed large corporate events, and provided business support to corporate executives. These business experiences have been key to her success as an interior designer and business owner.

When Debbie isn’t designing, you will find her and her husband in the kitchen where they enjoy cooking and entertaining friends. She enjoys gardening, relaxing by the firepit, hanging out with her backyard chickens, and hanging out with her Goldendoodle (aka Chief Furry Officer).

“I want to design spaces where people don’t want to leave.” - Debbie

Debbie's Design Style

In her designs, Debbie loves to provide subtle contrast through layers of colors, textiles, and furnishings. She likes to add simple, yet unique character to her designs that compliment her client’s style and taste.

For inspiration, she often visits different boutique hotels to discover unique design concepts that can be reimagined for residential projects. They are a great resource for the latest trends of furnishings, textiles, and color.

Debbie recognizes the balancing act that is needed between design aspects of beauty and practicality. All practical items can have beauty, but not all beautiful items are practical. She looks for materials and furnishings that are elegant and timeless and will serve her clients for years to come.

“Debbie had an immediate and passionate vision for my 1950’s bathroom that recognized the beauty of the vintage wall tile. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to interpret and incorporate feedback into her design. I couldn’t be more delighted!” – Mike, Montgomery, Ohio

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Meet our CFO

Booker Taylor Haden (BTH) is our Miniature Golden Doodle and the Chief Furry Officer of our Company! He loves to go visit each work site and get scratches from the crew. But most of the time you will find him relaxing on the couch after a romp in the backyard playing with our chickens or letting the wind blow in his face on our boat.