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BTH Designs started when Debbie and partner Chuck began their journey of flipping houses.  While they continue to love rehabbing and flipping houses, Debbie realized she had a talent that could help people transform their own homes.  When flipping a house, it needs to get done quickly, so the design decision needs to be on point for the style of the house and needs to come quick without jeopardizing quality. This not only came easy to her, but she fell in love with the challenge – the challenge of looking at something and seeing what it could be.  In 2018 she completed her studies and received her Interior Design certification from the New York Institute of Art & Design.  Her education didn’t stop there – she spent the next year, between flipping houses, studying up on colors, fabrics and the latest design trends in the U.S. and the trends coming out of Europe and Canada.  One of her favorite things to do is visit newly opened hotels where they are showcasing the latest trends in their own design.  During her ‘off’ hours, you will find her eyeing through magazines and books in search of beautiful designs to share with clients. 

About BTH Designs

“I want to design spaces where people don’t want to leave.” - Debbie

Debbie's Style

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Debbie understands there are many different furnishings, fabrics, and accessories out on the market to choose from, so once she finds the items that she loves, she stops looking. Otherwise, it would become too complex and complicated and to her design should be fun.  She loves to mix in different styles and fabrics to create dimension to a room.  She believes a home should have comfort while being balanced with livability. She tends to lean towards classic designs that have longevity and are inviting and relaxing.

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Booker Taylor Haden (BTH) is our Miniature Golden Doodle and the Chief Furry Officer of our Company!  He loves to go visit each work site and get scratches from the crew.  But most of the time you will find him relaxing on the couch after a romp in the backyard playing with our chickens or letting the wind blow in his face on our boat.

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