Full Service Design

We offer full-service design, decorating and styling services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and to showcase the architect of each home. Our full-service design focuses on luxury furnishes and décor. We work with your architects, builders, trades, and craftsmen to create a beautiful, functional, and luxurious home.

How We Do It

Phase One

Onboarding and Learning

In order to create a beautiful space for you, we first need to understand you. This is where we ask a lot of questions and learn who you are, how you live, what’s most important to you and how you want your new space to feel.

This is also when we tell you about us, our process and how we work.

Phase Two


We always begin by providing some Inspiration. This helps jump start the creative juices and also allows us to know if we are on the right track in regards to your design wishes.

We follow up with Mood and Color Boards to start nailing down the things that you love. After you settle on the styles and colors from the Mood and Color Boards, we work on the space planning (measure…. measure…. measure) and begin putting together a curated collection of items to be sourced.

Phase Three

Sourcing and Managing

From the curated collection that you have approved, we begin sourcing. We will be working with the trades to ensure everything is happening on schedule and correctly. We will be keeping a close eye on the punch list as we go ensuring everything is being done correctly, and beautifully.

Phase Four


Everything that has been ordered has been delivered to a warehouse where it was inspected, organized and prepped for installation. Once the construction is completed and everything is cleaned, we come and install all of your beautiful items into your new space.

Phase Five

The Reveal

It’s been a long haul with ups and downs (there are always ups and downs in construction), so we want you to walk into your new space feeling relaxed and ready to fall in love. We will have everything set up and styled; have wine chilling and candles lit. This is your new space and we hope it makes you happy!