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Welcome to The Home Shop by BTH Designs – an online shopping resource for high-end furniture and décor.

From our visits to trade shows, we have put together collections from some of our favorite manufacturers for trade-only furnishings and décor.

When you purchase through our online shop, orders are fulfilled by our trade partner, Side Door. Their logistics and customer service team will directly handle any questions regarding your order and delivery.

*Due to items being trade exclusive, all sales are considered final unless damaged.

Creamy Whites

Creamy Whites

Creamy White is a versatile and timeless color. Its classic, neutral tones can be combined with other colors and textures to create warmth and comfort. By mixing in other soft tones, and natural fibers a space can be created that is refreshing and calming. This characteristic is what draws most people to this color palette.

Vibrant Blues

Blue continues to be one of the most popular colors in Interior Design. Dark blue is associated with knowledge, power, and confidence. When designing with vibrant, dark blues, anything is possible especially when you combine complimentary metals and fabrics. A room will get noticed when using this bold and vibrant color in a design.

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse design has been a favorite for years because its use of natural materials and the way it pays tribute to America’s past. A normal pallet seen most often include soft, pale, and dusty colors combined with whitewashed furnishings.

Country Cottage

Due to its simplicity and charm, Country Cottage design is a popular choice of many homeowners. Even though this design is normally seen in country or lake homes, it can be created anywhere. You just need furnishings that are warm, inviting and cozy. The goal of this design is to create a home that feels lived in but put together.

Classic Modern

This design is popular for it’s minimalist and clean style. Furnishings have clean lines, and the color pallet is minimal. This design usually incorporates woods and metals for a modern aesthetic.

Earthy Browns

The warmth that an Earthy Brown design brings to a room is always classic. Using different fabrics and textures in this type of design allows this color to shine.

Earthy Browns